New Schtuff...

So I put up a new banner and I can't decide if I like it or not. I'll let it sit for awhile and see. Sometimes I have to walk away from a project for awhile and look at it with fresh eyes before I know if it's a keeper.

And sometimes I know right away...like the two new projects I made yesterday. I'm BEYOND excited about them! I unexpectedly found myself alone in my house for the day, and after bumping into the walls for a few minutes, trying to figure out what to do with myself, I headed into my craft room and started to fiddle with a couple ideas I've been wanting to try. Poor Heather, I kept caller her, telling her how stoked I was about what I was working on. Sometimes I wonder if she lets me teach classes just to shut me up? heehee So I have my next two classes lined up!

The first is an "I ♥ Alaska" tabletop flip book. Super cute! It stands 12" tall, and is made to be displayed on a shelf or table, with sturdy chipboard pages that you flip through, and can view from both sides.

The second combines my love fabric and paper, using the Amy Butler Sola collection from K & Company, in a handmade, fabric-covered album that's round. The pages have an unexpected "twist" that you'll love!

Both albums will be on display at The Scrap Shack this week, and I'll post pictures here as well.

Happy Monday!

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