Three new posts in less than 24 hours? Yikes. OK, after this, I promise I'll shut up for awhile.

I just came across this picture from May of one of my perennial beds that I had to share. You know how when you plant things, then wait and wait for them to grow, wondering the whole time if they're really growing, forgetting how tiny they started out? Kinda like your kids.

Then one day you turn around and they're big. Really big. And you're happy that they've grown, but kinda miss that intense care that they required to get to this point. Now, they don't need you so much. An occasional drink of water. Pull a weed here and there. But now they're so big and strong that there is hardly even room for the weeds.

Now I mostly just sit and enjoy them from a distance, knowing the cycle will start all over again next Spring.

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