On Llamas and Bags...

All the bags that I have at my Etsy store are now also available at the Scrap Shack, along with a sassy new black/cream/red number that's SO pretty. Can you guys tell how much fun I'm having with this new idea? I love getting up early to sew, while the kids are still asleep. I feel like I accomplish a whole day's work before they even wake up!

So, this might sound a little on the strange side, but I'm looking for advice from anyone out there who raises llamas. I have an opportunity to adopt a couple (few) from a local farm. The kids are GAGA over the idea. Paul, not so much. They'd strictly be pets, although one has been trained to pack. The others are just past their prime. I think they're absolutely adorable...although the spitting is a little troublesome. I'd have to get a hat. Or an umbrella. What I'm wondering is, do they bond with their "people" the way dogs do? Are they social? Can you interact with them, or are they like big, overgrown cats? (No offense, but cats are about as approachable as a hedgehog with PMS). How long do they live? I know the basics, like what to feed them, how to groom and doctor them. I want to know what's in it for me.

Odds are, none of you own llamas, but I thought I'd give it a shot.

Have a great Tuesday!


Gloria said...

"Odds are, none of you own llamas".

Cracked up pretty bad for that, me! Whatever made you end up adopting llamas?

"No offense, but cats are about as approachable as a hedgehog with PMS"

Ok, I cannot crack up more or I'll burst my lungs. Seriously.

Jennifer Sizemore said...

My mom has llamas and so does my SIL. I will have one of them read this!@

What were the odds?