A Good Read

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver had me hooked from page one. It's the story of her family's one-year experiment eating only foods that they either grew themselves or that had been grown locally. I love that she's smart, savvy and a little sarcastic, and one helluva gardener. The book also contains extensive information on our food and farming industry as a nation, and just how far-removed we are from the source of our nourishment. I thought my own family did a decent job of sticking close to our roots by hunting and fishing for our own meat (we buy very little meat from the grocery store anymore) and gardening a little each year, and buying eggs from a neighbor's coop.

What I've learned just halfway into the book makes me want to stop shopping at the grocery store altogether! But I probably lack both the gardending skills and raw acreage, not to mention the sheer willpower it would take not to succomb to a Friday night run to the local pizza shop, to undertake such a daunting experiment. But it won't stop me from rethinking the way I shop and where I shop.

I made some crafter's aprons to match my totes last night. They'll be available at Scrap Shack today. Wouldn't it be fun to show up at your next crop or class with a matching apron and tote? You'd be the most organized and stylish crafting diva there! This red/black/cream combination is also available in a tote.

Alrighty, I'd better go get something accomplished. I've been up since O'Dark Thirty and have done nothing but shop online for fabric, books and patterns. Have a fun weekend! I'm going to a crop,mowing my yard and tackling some long-overdue weeding.

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autum said...

Your apron is great. I love the red and black together. Very nice!