It's Official:

We're adopting four llamas.


I've lost my mind.

Or both. I can't decide.

We made the decision last week, and have been working on preparations to bring home Bandito, Salcha, Taiya and Kiska. We're building an enclosure and putting up fencing around the back of our property, and then we'll be ready to adopt. The kids are beyond excited.

So, since you're probably wondering, here are my reasons.

1. Sage has been working with these animals for four months now and knows them pretty well, so that made the decision easier.

2. Maggie, my painfully shy, socially introverted 10 year old, seems to come out of her shell when she's around them. I've never seen her so confident.

3. When Paul went to meet the llamas, he took Bandito and Taiya for a walk with their pack gear on, and Shelly, their owner, warned him they were very skittish. She also said it takes weeks or even months for them to warm up to a new person. After a short five minute walk, Paul had Bandito in the palm of his hand. Bandito actually laid his head on Paul's shoulder, like he found his new best friend.

4. Two of them pack, one of them has gorgeous wool, and the fourth is lame, but part of their family, so there was no leaving her behind.

5. Next year Sage is getting a horse, so this seemed like a natural way to work up to horse ownership.

6. I know they'll be a lot of work. When I have to get the kids up in the dark in the winter, in below zero temperatures, to feed and water them, it'll be harder on me than them. I know. But it can't be any more hassle than getting them to feed their birds, rabbit and dog, right?

Wait, #6 doesn't sound like much of a reason, does it?

7. Paul says: This is the reason we moved out of Anchorage. So we can have things like llamas, or horses, or whatever animals we want.

8. It's going to be a family adventure!

We're shooting for the end of the week to bring them home, so I'll share some pictures then.

I got this email from Heather at Scrap Shack:

In preparation for some major changes that will be taking place in the next week or so, I am happy to announce that EVERYTHING in the store will be 25% off from August 7th through August 10th! (other discounts will not apply during this sale) We will then be closed on Saturday, August 11th and will reopen on Tuesday, August 14th. Be sure to check back after the 14th to see what's going on!

Hmmmm, whatever could be going on? And let me just clarify, this has nothing to do with me! Several people have emailed to ask if I'm buying the store. Nope. Even though I miss my little shop, and would LOVE to run Scrap Shack, I have enough on my plate right now. I can tell you that you'll LOVE the changes you see! So be sure and take advantage of the sale this week, then come back on Tuesday to see what's going on!


Anonymous said...

holy llama mama! congratulations... right? lol

and thanks for the scrapshack tip... i'll stop by today!

have a great day!

Anonymous said...

It couldn't be any worse than me and 4 pugs and 2 Flemish Giant rabbits. It's all about love :)

Louise Maine said...

I am Jen Sizemore's sister-in-law and used to have 6 llamas (had to pare down when dh had a bad accident). I miss the llamas and wanted to post when you were thinking but had not much time. I am glad you decided to get them. Get a great llama guide and walk them often. I worked with them so I could walk up to them in a field and halter them. Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing llamas that always have their halters on as that can cause medicalproblems and ones that spit all the time (it is like a dog's bite - it is their last resort). They naturally will spit at each other for pecking order but I had mine trained that they cannot do that when people were present. If you have any questions, I will do my best if you want to ask! They are so cool, you will love them!

Rising Rainbow said...

Wow, you jumped in hear first! How exciting.