A New Way to Play!

My first digital layout!! How fun! I can totally see how I could get hooked on this. I'm a habitual "re-doer" when it comes to putting together a layout. I'm constantly shuffling things around, changing my mind, and it's usually after I've adhered the stuff down. Yikes. So digi is perfect for someone like me. Let's see if I can remember what came from where: Big "B" is Heather Ann Designs and most everything else is Shabby Miss Jenn. I think there might also be some Lily Pad elements on there, too. If I'm going to do any real digi scrapping, I'm going to have to organize my stuff according to designer, so I can give proper credit.
Speaking of organizing, I'm wondering how to store my digi stuff? The files are pretty hefty, and I'm thinking it's going to start slowing down my computer. Should I keep them on CD? How do you digi scrappers deal with the big files?
It's a rainy weekend, so I think I'll be sewing or scrapping today!


Donna said...

That is so cute! I keep my stuff in a file on our sever, but I think a CD/DVD would be OK too.

You crack me up with redoing things...I do the samething.

Good to know we're not alone! LOL

Heather W said...

Digital scrapbooking causes female pattern baldness, yeah, that's it -don't try it! LOL

shelly b said...

you did a great job on this! I still have not ventured into the digi!

One cool chick said...

lol. that is too cute!

and i'm w/ shelly, i haven't tried any dig lo's yet, but i have done my banner that way!

Donna again said...

Well...I did it! I did two digital scrapbook pages!! And I blogged about it, too! ha

You know I'm blaming you...for all the housework/kids that get ignored now. ;)

psst donna again said...

omg there's a typo in my first comment! LOL oops

SugarShop (Dena) said...

Hi Michelle, I popped over to say thanks for the comments and saw this post and thought I could help. Love your blog btw, I'll be back to hear about the llamas. :) Anyway the best way to keep all your digi files (i own a photography co. as my real job) is an external hard drive. SUPER EASY! You can pick them up at any electronics store like best buy, frys, comp usa etc. You just plug them into your pc or mac and the little icon pops on your desktop and you just create your folders and store all your images and digital files. I never keep pix on my computer. What's nice about this also is that if you plug this external into any computer so you can access your stuff from your laptop if you want. Hope this helps!

Lisa said...

Purchase an external hard drive just for photos and digi stuff.

The layout you did is adorable!