Just for fun

Amongst the craziness of the preparation for our llamas, I squeezed in some sewing time and made a couple of handbags just for fun. I need to photograph the other one...I liked it so much, I am keeping it for myself. :)

I want to share a great source for free digital downloads that my friend Donna found and shared with me. She makes some super cute papers, embellishments and kits and they're all free!
It's been so gorgeous all week that we've gotten a ton of work done outside on the llama enclosure and fencing. I woke up today to rain, though, so it looks like I get to play catch-up on some much needed housework. I've been ignoring the growing mountain of clothes in the laundry room, so I'd better tackle it before I have any "play" time, or it won't get done.
Have a wonderful Sunday!


donna said...

Thanks for the linky!! I can't wait to use some of her stuff with Raye's photos.

I love that purse...now dying to see the other one!!

I finished another page tonight...for the Trevi Fountain. I haven't loaded it to my blog...need to write down all the supplies used and give proper credit!!!

Nicole Q. said...

Darling purse!
Sounds like Heather's shop is wonderful! Does she have a website/blog link? I'd love it see it. I MISS Alaska! I heard that Eagle River just got a Costco and a Target... man, if that had been the case, I'm not sure I would have left! :)