Welcome Home!

Yesterday was the big day! We finished up the last of the fencing in the afternoon so that we could go pick up these guys and bring them home.
They're adjusting pretty well, and seem to love their new woodsy home.
They hum when they're upset or stressed, so there was a loud chorus of what sounds like a cross between a cow mooing and a cat in heat. lol!
My pictures are all backwards. I still can't get the hang of uploading them in reverse so they tell the story chronologically. This is at Shelly's, where we're haltering them up for the ride to our house.
Taiya was the most concerned. She knew something big was up.
Bandito just happily munched on grass while he waited.
Once they were loaded in the trailer, Bandito gave the girls a hard time, so Taiya spit at him. See how her lip is hanging? That's what happens after a spit fight. They lose the muscle control of their bottom lip for awhile.

Here's Taiya at our house. Her lip is back to normal, and she's scouting out her new surroundings.
Our dog, Ginger, was totally unimpressed with all the commotion. She just sniffed each llama and then trotted off to look for her tennis ball. Maybe she was going to invite them to a game a catch? The llamas are used to having dogs around, but Kiska still doesn't like them, and gave Ginger a little kick to let her know she wouldn't be tolerated. The neighbor's dog is a different story. He was petrified of them at first. Now this morning he's gotten up the nerve to go into the pen and bark at them. I'm just waiting for a confrontation. I'm sure they'll get it worked out.
The kids are all outside with them right now. I've got a great view of the pen from my desk. How fun! OK, time to feed the llamas. :)


Kori said...

omg michelle..you weren't kidding! :) everyone looks to be pretty happy with the new family pets! i bet the kids love it.

donna said...

Welcome Home Ya'll!!

They look right at home!