Llama Drama

So....who stopped by Scrap Shack yesterday to see the "big secret"?! I can spill it now, but you still have to go see for yourself. Heather did a BIG remodel of her store! It is GORGEOUS!!! It's done in red, black and ivory with soft lighting, pretty mirrors, a very cool paint scheme on the floor. I just love it! And....she got a bunch of fun new products in and you can expect many, many more new things in the coming weeks. My favorite so far is the French Twist collection from Autumn Leaves. The papers with the scalloped edges are so yummy! AND, she expanded the crop/class area and is installing a computer, 12" printer and a Zutter Bind-It-All for the customer work area!! How cool is that?! And lastly, the self-service photo studio room is ready to use with lots of different backdrops, professional lighting...just in time for back-to-school! I'm going to round up my family while they still have that kiss of summer on their cheeks, and take some photographs to scrap. :) I'm so amazed at all that Heather has accomplished over the past few weeks, putting this remodel together. So go in and see for youself...the store is just gorgeous. :)

We had a little bit of excitement here yesterday. After deciding to take two of the llamas for a walk, we got them haltered and ready to go, so the 8 of us (I had a few extra kids here yesterday) hit the trail near our house with Bandito and Taiya (I can never remember how to spell her name). It felt a little like a caravan, 8 people and 2 llamas, walking down the narrow horse trail, just across the road.

We'd only been gone for about 5 minutes when a van stopped with what I thought was just some curious neighbors, wanting to chat about the llamas. But she pointed toward the direction of our house and said "the other one's up that way". Huh? At first I was confused, then she said "running up the road!". Then it hit me. One, or maybe both, of the girls we left home had escaped. We got everyone turned around and headed back toward the house, when another neighbor stopped and said "would you happen to be missing a llama? I have one in my yard." Whew. Thank goodness! She hadn't gotten too far.

Once we got to the neighbor's house, Kiska, the escapee, saw Bandito and came trotting our towards us. The kids all held out their arms and formed a human fence to keep her from running into the road, and made a circle around her so Sage could get a lead rope on her. I was so impressed...these are kids ages 5-12, most of whom had never been around llamas before. But they all jumped right in and wrangled her like they'd done it a hundred times before.

We got her back home without any trouble, and after checking the fence, we decided she must have climbed out between the strands of hot tape. She must have been so determined to get away that she didn't care that she was being shocked. So much drama! Whew. But I have to admit it was really fun to be out on the trail with them. They love to walk, and are very sure-footed and graceful. They stop when you stop, and go when you go. Very, very sweet animals.

OK, it's coffee time.


donna said...

I'm so glad you didn't lose a Llama!! I have to admit tho...the thought of...

"hey are you missing a Llama?" "Did your Llama escape?" Made me crack up!

Kori said...

oh my gosh....llama drama! ha ha guess you can't go for a walk and leave any of them behind. sounds like their much like children! ha ha heather's shop sounds so cute! and full of some great stuff and tools! good for her! i hope it's a huge success for her....take some pictures :)

Jennifer Sizemore said...

well, congrats first of all on getting your new additions!!!! They are so cute! (well, cute for a llama) And what a lesson today - those little escape artists! Glad you got them back in safe!