Checking In..

To say I don't have a thing to blog about. Life is B O R I N G these days. Yup. I said it. School is back in session so I have my days to myself. So far I've gutted the girls' room, hung out at Scrap Shack and helped Heather a little (if you can even call it helping. Really all I did was play with Hope and fondle all the new products Heather has), and volunteered in Sam's class twice this week. I need to jump back into sewing. It's so hard to switch gears for me. I envy people who can juggle lots of projects at once. I'm a one-project kinda girl, though. I put my all into whatever I'm doing, but everything else seems to be neglected.

I'm scrapping at Scrap Shack Saturday night! That'll be the highlight of my week. :)

Anywho, this is about as exciting as picking belly button lint, huh? So I'd better go do something interesting so I can blog about it. :) Have a great weekend!

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donna said...

School started today for us...I blogged a few pictures of the boys and Raye.

Wish you were closer...we'd have so much fun!!! I've got plenty of projects you could finish for me...