The latest looks in wool.

Sorry to post and run last time. I have had a heckuva couple of weeks. I did manage to turn out a few layouts in the midst of the chaos. I think it even helped to keep me sane. :)

"Lucky 13" came from the anniversary post I blogged a few weeks ago. I used the text for my journaling on the note cards. This went together quick & easy. Just the way I like 'em!
I found some fun rhinestone stickers that are actually meant to "bling up" your cell phone, and cut them up to use for photo corners.
More rhinestones on the title. :)
The kids all said they thought this title was rude. I guess they have no appreciation for David Letterman.
I love the Jenni Bowlin little birdy journal spot.
I love, love, love this French Twist paper! Yum. I'm really into the black and white lately. :)
And journal cards, too, apparently. :)
A super-duper fast one of Sam and a spruce hen.
Lil Davis letters.
Jenni Bowlin chipboard star covered with paper and sanded around the edges.

I have some ideas for new classes that I want to work on, but I keep finding myself back in my laundry room, wading through oceans of muddy clothes. Is it ever going to stop raining? I want to hear the crunch of leaves under my feet, not the "slphfshshsh" of slimy, wet, rotten gunk. Yuck! Anyone else ready for an Indian Summer? And I think my poor llamas will never dry out.
You know what I was wondering? How come their wool doesn't shrink up after it dries out, like it does when it goes through my washer? Wouldn't that be funny? Seeing them walking around with too-small wool coats? heehee Ask me how I know what happens to llama fur when it gets washed and dried. Go ahead.
OK, I just had to take a small break from Mt. Laundry to post these layouts and say hello. I'd better get back at it.


Kate said...

FUN! Wonderful layouts!

Jennifer Sizemore said...

These are all so inspiring - thanks for sharing!!!

donna said...

I was LOL at the visual of the shrinking llamas.

And I love LOVE your new pages!! Talent I tell ya!! You have talent!!!