Happy Sunday

Friday morning sunrise, taken by Sage from our front porch.

Have you guys heard about Bloglines? It's a blog subscription service that bookmarks all your favorite blogs, then shows you which ones have been updated, all on one easy page. You can bookmark the subscription page, then as you visit your favorite blogs, click on the "sub" page in your bookmarks and add that blog to your list. Once you've built your list, you won't have to visit those blogs individually from your favorites/bookmarks anymore. You'll just go to your Bloglines Feeds page, and it'll show you all the blogs you bookmarked, and which have been updated since you last visited.

If you visit a lot of blogs, like me, this is a huge timesaver! I don't have to go through my bookmarks anymore, one by one, to see who has a new post up.

I just realized I said I would post those new layouts I did, and never got around to it. Oops! I put together a cute little mini book yesterday, so I'll put that on the list to post, too. : ) I usually think about things like that early in the morning, when it's still dark, and by the time the sun is up, I'm knee-deep in kid stuff and have forgotten all about it.

Alrighty, time for coffee. I just wanted to share that tip about Bloglines with you today. It's so handy!

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donna said...

Beautiful picture!!!

I need to check that site out!! Sounds pretty cool!