I'm a little late with my Halloween post. :) We carved pumpkins the night before...left to right: Sage's bat flying under the moon, Maggie's Bart the Barfing Pumpkin, and Sam's Grim Reaper.
Sage was an elf...or some sort of magical creature. She's really into reading fantasy books lately. And I'm now out of black eyeliner.
Yes, they're real, and they're fabulous! Her eyelashes, that is. Wow. She was a dead bride, but a very cute one.
I don't know how I managed to forget to take pictures of Sam in his mask, so this'll have to do. He was a zombie guy in a sugar-induced coma. ;)
One more of Sage. :)

We lucked out with perfect weather...a warm Chinook wind came through and melted the early snow, and made for a balmy night. We visited GG and trick or treated around the senior center.

It didn't occur to me until after Halloween that we could have dressed up the llamas and brought them along! But now the wheels are turning for Christmas....a llama-drawn sleigh? Antler-topped halters? Maybe a red nose for Bandito?

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Kori said...

cute! love waht you did to sage! very fun! and the pumpkins...love the barfing one.