Fun Finds

Do you ever get your sleep schedule completely out of whack? That's where I am right now. I've been going to bed earlier and earlier (last night it was 7:40, and waking up in the wee hours, because I just can't stay asleep any longer. I actually got up at 3 am today. Ack! So my plan is to stay up as long as I can today, take a late nap, then hopefully I can make it to at least 10 tonight before crashing. There are a few perks to getting up so early...I have lots of "alone" time before the kids wake up. But it really bites when I'm dozing off at the dinner table.

Anyway, since I have lots of time on my hands this morning, and I've browsed for every possible thing I could ever want on eBay already, I thought I go ahead and share a few of the fun things I found thrifting this week.

The green bowl is a Robinson Ransbottom 10" crock. It's hefty, and the color is gorgeous. The pillar I grabbed right away, and lugged it around the store with me...I knew if I didn't, someone would nab it before I did. The thing weighs a ton!

I absolutely love this candle holder. It's big...22" across and 14" tall. I'm sure I'll pay way more for the candles than I did for the piece.
It's not easy to find these old jars with the glass lid intact, so I scooped this up right away.
And the pink teapot? Well, why not? :)

A little birdie told me I need to start sewing again. Actually, more like a flock of birdies. I know, I know. My poor Etsy shop is empty, and I only have one item left at Scrap Shack. I know I have blogged about this before, but I have a terrible habit of hot and cold hobbies. I like to do so many things, but only one at a time. Does that make sense? Maybe I'm a little OCD? Anyway, I have made of note of the requests and will start sewing again soon. I just have a couple small projects that need my attention before I go on another sewing bender. :)
Have a wonderful Sunday!

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