It's a mystery...

I wanted to share a few more of my thrift store finds today. This is the so-called "garden" window (and I use that term VERY loosely) in my kitchen. I have a real love/hate relationship with this particular window. Why, you ask? (Because I know you'll lie awake tonight wondering why I'm plagued by this nagging problem) Whoever installed this window kind of missed the whole point of having a garden window, when they chose to put an upper story deck directly above it, blocking any direct sunlight whatsover from entering in the summertime. Now, since this is Alaska, and we all know the sun shines sideways in the winter, I am blessed with the occasional blinding glare on cold, snowy days. But I don't exactly need the sun to grow anything then. So the only thing growing in my garden window is a nice collection of thrift store goodies. And don't even get me started on the dust. Where does it come from in the winter? That's one of life's greatest mysteries.

Anyway, here's my "garden" (picture me doing air quotes with my fingers) window.

The fluted silver pan, dove, wine decanter and glass cake plate are all thrift store finds. I actually made the cake stand by caulking together a glass plate and upside-down glass.
The water mister is second hand, and I actually went junking right in my own garage to find the green glass Ball jar. It's a bicentennial commemorative edition that my husband has been dragging around with him for 30-some years. Sometimes I'm glad he's a packrat!
The cream and sugar set I picked up along with the bowl in the background, two teacups and 4 saucers for $5! I love roosters, but I try not to get too carried away with them, since I'm not a big "theme" decorator. But I couldn't pass these up. And last time I was in Anchorage at a huge antiques co-op called "Packrat", I saw a cup and saucer from the same set that was tagged for $20. So I scored quite a deal!
The little white dove was only 25cents. How could I pass that up?

The rooster bowl, metal stand, winter house under glass, square vase and glass domes are all recent finds. The big rooster is from JoAnns garden collection a few years ago.
Some of these things are old, most are not, but I love that I'm giving them a second home. I always wonder who owned them before me. I'm always giving things to charity, and think about where they are now. Weird, I know. :)

You can click on the pictures to view them larger, just don't look too closely at how dusty my window is. Yikes.

Have a happy Friday!

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