Good Morning from The Girls!

The girls enjoyed the sunny morning yesterday, even though we had a dusting of fresh snow. Can I just say how much I enjoy these guys? It's so much fun to watch them from the window of the living room, and even more fun to be outside, working in their pen and watching them interact with each other. Their personalities are a riot. Kiska is every bit as sweet and loving as she looks. She's just a doll. She always waits to eat until the other two have their hay. She rarely gets into spitting matches over grain, and puts on the saddest little pouty face if she thinks one of the other girls is miffed at her.
Salcha is a happy-go-lucky girl and always has a smile when I walk up to the gate. She's a morning girl, like me...always the first one up and out of the hutch, looking for breakfast. I snapped this picture of her coming to the gate to greet me.

And Ty-Ty. Regal, snooty, gorgeous Ty-Ty. Every herd needs a leader, right? That's Tyea's job. And she's very good at it. She eats first. She gets her pick of the feeders. She leads the way on hikes. I love her attitude. She's one hard working gal!
Thanks for letting me gush about my cuties. I just love these girls!


Jenn aka boysmama said...

my mom has a llama...Jake...for the sheep. He's NOT a pet simply for that reason. But everytime I have to go in the sheep pen he sticks his ears back and watches me. Needless to say I'm afraid of that sucker. :)

Jennifer Sizemore said...

Oh, they are so pretty!!!!
I bet they have the best personalities!