Thing One

Happy Birthday, Dr. Suess!

Just some random things today.

My GG (Paul's grandma) fell and broke her hip last week. Prayers for a speedy recovery for her. At 89, she's such a trooper. She actually walked around on it for a week before they finally diagnosed it last night in the ER. It was her third trip there in as many days, with excruciating pain, before they finally figured out what was wrong with her.

The sickies are finally leaving my house! Good riddance, I say.

Who else is ready for Spring? Can I get an Amen? I want to dig in the dirt, and plant seeds and watch them grow! It's actually been warm enough to work outside a little, and since I am finally feeling better, I spent some time yesterday mucking out the llama pen and hutch. There's the little matter of what to do with all the accumulating, well, matter. Manure. Poop, to be exact. For the first several months, I wheelbarrowed it out to our yard and spread it in the new flower beds I'm planning for this spring. The llamas obliged me by continuing to poop (aren't they sweet?) until the beds were filled to bursting with rich, fertile manure. But being the overachievers they are, they didn't stop there. No siree. They've pooped out enough of the "brown gold", as I like to call it, to fill in along the entire back perimeter of their enclosure. Even though I tried to convince them that I had quite enough poop, they wouldn't hear of it. Nope. In fact, I think they're planning on adding an addition to their pen, because I just can't imagine where they think I'm going to put all the stuff? Ahhh, the joys of owning large animals. :)


Jennifer Sizemore said...

WHat a fun picture! Happy birthday to Dr Suess!!! Glad you sickies are almost gone. And bring on the Spring!!!!

Kristin said...

Michelle, Can't believe how big Sam is!
As for the llama poop post it on Craig's list i am sure some gardener would love it!