P Dub in the House

Pioneer Woman was kind enough to share some of her prints for free, via download (see her website for link), so I printed out Beatrice (above) for my desk, to remind me to "keep it real". :)
And below is "Two Bulls" by Marlboro Man, which hangs in my living room. So fun to have a little bit 'o pioneer in our home. :)
A fun, funky little retro chair I found for my desk.
And the fabrics I chose for a couple of pillows to make it comfy, cozy.
I've been sick. Super, duper, awful, icky sick. And Paul's gone, so the kids are having to fend for themselves. Sam's been SO good about entertaining himself. For example:
Strawberry Man. Found in the kitchen, after I dragged myself off the floor from a brief nap. I couldn't resist snapping a picture.

Good Golly, I'm miserable.

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