How's that for gratitude?

I should have known by the look on her face. I mean, could she be any more underwhelmed with her new bed? The only thing keeping her there is the promise of a treat if she'll just sit still....Sit, Lizzy.....SIT, Lizzy....SIT LIZZY!! GOOD GIRL!! GOOD GIRL!!!!
And I think that's what did it. Something in her little brain equated "Good Girl!" with squat-and-pee. Maybe it's the potty training. All those little happy dances I do in the yard with her every time she's goes pee outside, accompanied by a chorus of "Good Girl, Lizzy"'s.
Whatever the reason, as soon as we got the shot of her sitting on her bed we all shouted "Good Girl, Lizzy!" and she promptly squatted and wizzed all over it. Nice. I don't see dog training in my future.

I think it's pretty clear what she thinks of the bed.

If you'd like to make a bed for your ungrateful little monster, I found the tutorial here. It's a fun little blog to visit. The whole project took less than an hour. I made a few modifications-I made it oval so I could use a down pillow for stuffing, instead of fiberfill. And for the bumpers on the sides, I cut a pillow in half lengthwise, making two long "tubes", and stuffed those in.

When I wasn't wasting my time sewing for the devil-in-a-puppy suit yesterday, I was outside planting rose bushes. This is my first stab at growing roses, and have really no idea what I'm doing, but I have a space to fill and wanted something that'd be substantial. I took out some raspberry bushes that we getting really scraggly and not producing very well, from along our deck.

I also put in a bed of four varieties of Iris, Paul's favorite flower. I hope they do well!

And now I sit here this morning with ice on my back, paying for all the digging I did yesterday. Holy man, I must be getting old.

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lori marie said...

oh no! so funny:) hope you can wash it...maybe she was just have a cranky day. hopefully she'll warm up to it.