Hazelnut Latte

I must be certifiable. Lock me up and throw away the key.

Last night I brought home this beautiful stray kitty I found. Actually, she found me. I was visiting a friend and she came strolling across the deck of my friend's house, begging to come inside. Luckily, my friend is a cat owner and offered Hazel a small dish of food, which she devoured. She was so hungry! We're asking around, trying to find her owners, and if no one claims her, we'll add her to our family. The dogs think she's pretty cool. She is sleeping in a basket on our deck, just like she's always lived here.

Maggie chose her name, and I think it fits her perfectly.

Am I crazy?


Emily Loria said...

What a gorgeous kitty. I hope you get to keep her. She is darling.

Thanks for stopping by, I love all of your pretties, I will be back!


lori marie said...

OMG...what a beauty:) i'm jealous!