Up and Running...

The kittens turn 3 weeks old today, and they're already walking around, getting teeth and taking tiny bites of soft kitten food. I am on record as NOT being a cat person, but these things are soooo irresistable!
See Ruger's tiny choppers on the bottom?
Here's another one of Ruger. I didn't get any of Daisy Red Ryder this time around. He was nursing when I took these, and since he's the runt, I try not to interrupt his feeding time.

I'm amazed how fast they put on weight, and how wonderful a mother Hazel is to them. She still freaks out a little when anybody holds them, and will come running to carry them back to her nest box if she's hears them crying. Can you tell I've never had furry babies in the house before? What a cool journey to experience!

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