4th Recap and Kitten Update

Yep, I'm still around. Summer is flying by, as usual, and we're doing our best to soak up every second of sunshine (they're few and far between this year). We spent the 4th at my friend Cath's house on the lake, kayaking, eating and just having fun in general.

I asked Maggie to get a picture of me in the kayak, because Paul would never believe I actually did it (I'm SO not a water person) and Cath's husband Paul totally soaked me with the jet ski about 2 seconds after this was snapped. He is the ultimate prankster. ;)
I just love this shot of the flag against the night sky (it was taken at about 11pm and there's still sunshine!). The day was a blast. I love her house in the summertime. And in the winter, we skate and snowmachine out there.

Kittens are 6 weeks old now and ready for adoption. This one's Ruger, and he's spoken for. So handsome! His eyes are turning a beautiful jade green.
And this silly girl is Daisy Red Ryder. She's the only one who still needs a family. She has the sweetest, most gentle personality, and is a real snuggler. (If anyone is interested, please email me!)

Besides playing at the lake, I've been working on my perennial beds, walking the llamas and chasing Lizzy around, trying to keep up with her. And I've been on a mission to get in shape! I'm walking everyday, sometimes doing interval training (walk, run intervals) about 4 miles. And yesterday Sage and I biked 21 miles. My hiney is hurting! And I found that I love to kayak, so I'm doing that for upper body training. First thing in the morning, when the lake is quiet, it's better than therapy to paddle across and back, with nothing but my thoughts.

The stinkin' scale has barely budged, but I feel amazing and that's a pretty big payoff.

OK, I'll try to be a better blogger and not go so long between posts. Have a great weekend!

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