Friday Fling

Maggie and I spent Friday afternoon in Palmer checking out Friday Fling, walking around the Museum Garden and driving the countryside looking for horses to photograph (Maggie's idea, not mine). It was such a nice day that I didn't mind a bit. I handed over the camera to Mag for the day, and once again she proved to me that she's a far better photographer than me. These are straight out of the camera, no cropping or other edits. And they're by no means technically perfect, but check out her composition.

She knows how to frame a shot...
and capture the focal point.

If her mom knew how to do photo editing and adjust colors and such, they would be stunning.
She leaves for horse camp today...I can't wait to see the pictures she comes home with!

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Kristin said...

Those pictures don't need a thing done to them they are wonderful! I love the 2nd one and the horse one. I think you have a photographer in Maggie!