Little Su

Yesterday was so gorgeous out that we jumped into the van and headed up the highway. Our first stop was Millers Market for ice cream cones, then we headed to the Little Su to play by the river. This is the best I could do for a family shot...I'm the one with the big hair. haha!

This shot was Maggie's idea. I almost didn't get her in the frame, she jumped so high. I love the light under the bridge.

There was a lot of rock skipping going on.

Don't drop your ice cream, Sage!

And naturally, Sam stripped down to his skivvies so he could splash in the river. He found a cool salmon lure to bring home.

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Kristin said...

too funny, we were there last night about 8 to let the dog splash and chase sticks in the water. We even went to Miller's and got ice cream.