Cowgirl Up!

This summer, the kids each had the chance to go to horse camp for a week in Sterling, at Solid Rock Bible Camp. I wish I had camp like this when I was a kid! They stayed in covered wagons, went on trail rides, got some great horsemanship instruction, and competed in a big rodeo at the end of the week.

The week that Maggie went, I decided to drive down to pick her up instead of having her ride the bus back to Anchorage, since it was one of the rare sunny days this summer. I'm so glad I did, or I'd never have understood just how cool the camp is.

Each camper chooses two events to participate in for the rodeo. Maggie's were Poles and Barrels. For poles, you have to turn a tight figure-8, then cross the finish line, all on a stopwatch. I was so impressed with her riding skills, considering she's done very little riding at all.

The barrels was a little more challenging for her, since she was put on a horse that did NOT want to be there. She tried as hard as she could, but Maggie just couldn't get that old nag to trot...until she turned the last barrel, that is. Then she kicked it into gear when she saw the finish line ahead. Judging by the look on Maggie's face, she was none too pleased with this horse's performance. ;)

What an awesome experience for the kids to have. Now more than ever, though, Maggie desperately wants a horse of her own. What is it about 11 year old girls and horses?

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Jennifer Sizemore said...

what a fun cmp - I would have LOVED that as a girl!