Whittling Away

This poor, lonely, neglected bag has been sitting on my sewing table in pieces since this Spring, waiting patiently for me to finish it. Finally got around to it today, in an effort to whittle away at my to-do list.

Can you tell I'm happy the kids are back in school? Mine aren't little anymore and are perfectly capable of keeping themselves busy during the summer, but I just couldn't seem to get motivated to sit down and sew, and I used them being home as my excuse. So it's time to kick it back into gear and start crankin' out the projects! No more excuses. :)

Here's a peek at the lining, a pretty buttery yellow with tiny flower print.

And the other side of the bag. I am digging the funky floral print! It has a Velcro closure and measures about 17" wide at the bottom. I got a steal on the fabric, so I'm selling this one for only $35. Email me if you're interested in purchasing.

So, how are you occupying your time now that school's back in session?


Dena Berg (SugarShop) said...


Scribbit said...

OH I love that! Adorable!

farmerjulie said...

hi Michelle!
i cannot seem to get anything done around here!!
how are you??

Malphi said...

That's such a pretty bag...oh and lucky you having llamas..I want some aplacas! Thanks for your comment,
Susannah x