Say Hello to Winchester "Winnie" Pearl

Hi, Ya'll! My name is Winchester Pearl, but ya'll can call me Winnie. ;) A fine family adopted me this week from the ASPCA in Palmer, and I just loooooove my new home.

I've got a new little sister to play with, lots of humans to walk me and throw the ball (they learnd that trick real quick) and all the yummy treats I want...all I have to do is sit.

If ya'll know of any humans wanting a new pup like me, I know some real cute ones are waiting at the shelter for a new family to love. My human wanted to bring them all home, but her alpha male mate only gave her the OK for one. Boy, did I feel lucky she chose me!
I'm sure ya'll will be seein' lots more of me on this here blog, but for now I've gotta skidaddle. I'm fixin' to go outside and have a sniff around. I smell somethin' mighty peeeculiar in the backyard. Smells kinda like a sheep, only taller. Gotta investigate. Bye, Ya'll!

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