Out with the old!

Sam and I got started yesterday tearing out the old flooring in the kitchen, dining room and hallway, and I can already envision the laminate making the rooms look so fresh and new!

The blue (yes, I said BLUE) wood laminte in the kitchen is GONE! Yippee!

And the equally offensive blue carpet in the dining room and hallway is GONE!

This shot is looking into the dining room from the living room, where there used to be a wroght iron railing. I'd love to replace it with a wood railing...maybe a rustic birch? Hear that, honey? :) Put on your thinking cap!

Sam was a HUGE help, gathering up the tools we needed then schooling me in the ways of the pry bar. :)

Then last night after dinner we had a staple-pulling party. Fun times, I tell ya! I'm no flooring expert, but do you really need a bazillion staples to hold down the carpet pad? Sheesh. And don't even get me started on tack strip.

More pics to come!

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