My dining, kitchen and hall floor is finished! I'm not going to say it was easy, but it went surprisingly smooth. Of course, Paul did do most of the work. :) He did all the cutting and figured out the many, MANY tricky angles. You see, our house has a sort of prow which means there isn't a square corner to be found. And, to make it more interesting, the kitchen is triangle shaped, because the bank of cabinets that houses the oven/stove is set on an angle. Anyway, we got it done and I LOVE it! The flooring is Shaw Versalock that we found on clearance for $1.99 sq. ft., originally $4.99 sq. ft. It feels so good under my feet!

Next up, the living room and the wood laminate!


Heather said...

I have been checking your blog twice a day looking for this update. Congratulations...can't wait to see how it feels under my own feet!

Kori said...

yah! congrats. always good to get some new upgrades! it looks great. hope all is well. i sent you an e-mail a while back but never heard from ya.