Thrifted Sparklies

When's the last time you built a snowman? For me, it's been too many years! Sam and I built a snowbear (see his cute little ears?) yesterday and talk about bringing back memories. Rolling out the snowballs on your knees around the yard, pushing in the carrot nose. If you want to feel like a kid again, I guarantee this works!

Normally I'm home washing Thanksgiving dishes Black Friday morning, but I got brave this year and decided to try a little shopping. I picked up the pine garland, gold wood garland, silver goblet, white and gold glass balls at Treasure Loft in Wasilla....all for under $5. Score! I'm still adding goodies to the garland to spruce it up (no pun intended!) as I unpack my 5,600, 232 Rubbermaid totes from the attic. Good grief. I think they multiply up there over the summer. I stayed away from the big stores after I saw how packed the parking lots were.

The living room floor is finished and it looks amazing!! I'll share some pictures once the Christmas decorating is finished. Right now the room is littered with totes, bows and partially finished garlands. Yikes.

I'm coming up on my 300th post...I'm thinking a giveaway is in order!

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