In my next career...

I think I'll be a social worker. In the Medicaid system. Long-term care, specifically. I could probably single-handedly increase the collective IQ to say, oh, at least a POSITIVE number.

Can you tell I'm frustrated??

Just a little?

I spent the better part of today trying to undo the mess I've managed to create for my mom by following the advice of her case manager for the past few months. What a flippin' idiot. I'm more qualified to do the job than she is, for crimony sakes.

Enough about that, though. It just brings me down and stresses me out to think about.

I'm going to an all-day crop tomorrow! SO looking forward to going and scrapping and playing and chatting and eating.
I'm working on Sam's K class album. His teacher takes a LOT of pictures. So it's a challenge. But it's a fun way to fill my monthly volunteer hours up.

Oooh, update on Stevan! I keep forgetting to post. On Feb. 12th, he left Iraq!! He'll be in Kuwait for the next couple weeks on "wash duty". That means he has to clean all the vehicles and equipment before it can be sent back to the States, so that it doesn't carry any foreign germs, bugs, etc. with it. His unit is already back in Fort Carson, so we're kind of bummed that he had to wait, but he sould be joining them by the end of Feb. We are so happy and relieved and excited to have him Stateside again!! Even though Colorado is a long way from Alaska, it's much closer than Iraq. And safer. :)

On that happy note, I'll close up. What is making you happy today? What are you doing this weekend?

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