Let the waffling begin!

OK, here I go. The oh-so-difficult task of redecorating my home has begun. Up till now, I would change my mind 10,000 times and eventually give up, but this time is different. Instead of giving up and not changing anything, I'm going for it. I'm putting in new flooring, come hell or high water.

The pale yellow will be the wall color in the living and dining rooms, the vinyl is for the dining room, kitchen, hall and bathroom, and the carpet is for the living room. Accent colors will be chocolate, sage and red. I'm not reinventing the wheel here...no groundbreaking design happening. But trust me when I say, it'll be a major improvement over the 80's look we're sporting now.

Today turned out to be really productive. The assisted living home I visited turned out to be very nice, and it looks like Mom will move in there this week. The girls go their science fair projects finished and they look amazing! I'm so proud of them both. I never got to that closet, but it'll be there tomorrow.

I'm ready for the week. Bring it on!

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Kori said...

it's only monday girl and you've been very productive! :) cheers! so glad you found a nice home for your mom! and i love the color palette. can't wait to see the after pictures!