Spring Break

Maggie snapped this picture of a woodpecker on a scrubby pine tree in front of our house on Friday. I love that she has a photographer's eye. Not bad for 10 years old! It doesn't really look very "Springy" outside, huh?

Friday night we saw the Avalanche play Alexandria. It was Sam's first hockey game, so watching him watch the game was the best part. :) Any sport where an occasional brawl breaks out is pretty cool in his book.

The girls both had sleepovers this weekend. I made the tote as a birthday gift for Sage's friend. I've got it down to 1.5 hrs to whip one out now. lol

The second challenge is up for a vote at MM Idol. Kori came up with the cutest project!! My girls want to try it. On her blog, Kori said there was some trouble with the site being overloaded, but I logged on and voted this morning with no problem. So don't hesitate to go vote!

Have a wonderful week!

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Kori said...

OMG that tote is soooo cute!!!! love it..... did the girl like it that sage gave it to? what a fun gift...wish i was a better sewer! :) thanks for the ad! :)