I dig dirt!

Do all Border Collies love to dig like Lizzy does? She spent most of her time at the park Tuesday digging furiously (see the dirt and grass stuck to her muzzle?). I know I shouldn't encourage that habit, but it's so darn cute to watch. Maybe we'll train her to be a rescue dog, and she can dig in the snow to her heart's content.

And I know at this point you're probably all thinking to yourselves "does she blog about anything but puppies anymore?"

Shall we talk about aprons?
I'm taking custom orders for the wrap-style aprons now, as well as the ruffled hostess and full aprons. Maybelle has a extra-wide tie that can be worn in back or wrapped to the front. Super cute and very flattering. This style is only available in a half-apron, or hostess apron style.


Kori said...

ah, she's so cute. hope she is going to get better soon. love that apron. too cute! um, you've added a cat to the mix. good gravy girl. but i'd do the same. i'd rescue them all if i could. :) hope all is ok. we need to get back to our routine e-mails!

farmerjulie said...

that is too cute!!!!