"I'm Pregnant"...

said Hazel Kitty to her unsuspecting owner. Yikes.

I'm fairly certain pretty girl is in the family way, knocked up, preggers. Boy, did I get more than I bargained for when I brought her home. It was Maggie who first speculated about kitty's delicate condition. She noticed her sides were quickly becoming more pronounced, and her teats were swelling and changing in color. Yesterday when I held her and rubbed her belly, I actually felt a couple tiny rolling movements, not too unlike what I felt outside my own pregnant tummy.

I've never owned a cat before, or any other pregnant animal, for that matter (besides the birds). Help! Does she need special food? How can I be sure she's pregnant, and not just getting chunky? And most importantly, anybody want a kitty?? Or two?

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Kori said...

oh lord. you did it now! ha ha sorry, i can't be of any help. all of my cats have always been fixed. i have no advice. i was a bit scared by the title....but then thought, surely she would at least e-mail! :) ha ha